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I know I have not updated this blog in forever but I don't even care anymore

if I hear one more thing on any blog, E! News Episode, or rsee another magazine cover about Kim fucking Kardashian and her stupid fake…

Phyllis Schlafly Mad Libs

0 Create your own Phyllis Schlafly speech! This is from a great article on Jezebel about anti-feminist conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly. It was written by…

Procreation is the New Ideal

It all starts with two words. Bristol Palin. What does that name mean to us? Well, if you’re American, you know she’s the eldest daughter of…

Texas GOP Platform Advocates Criminalizing Gay Marriage, Banning Strip Clubs, Pornography

http://static.texastribune.org/media/documents/FINAL_2010_STATE_REPUBL ICAN_PARTY_PLATFORM.pdf   Quote from this platform:   "We believe that the practice of homosexuality tears at the fabric of society, contributes to the breakdown of the family unit…


The Fly as a Chick Flickvid
This is so awesome!vid

This is so awesome!

I'm reading the comics now! Whoo!


So I was on fark.com, and I click on this link about model/astrphysicist Liv Boeree, who just won $1.7 million in a poker tournament. Usually…


Thought this would make you all smile

In Times of Trouble, Always Ask Yourself

WWERD?   What Would Eleanor Roosevelt Do?
This Kicks SO MUCH ASSvid

This Kicks SO MUCH ASS

It's been a while since I posted a Fred Astaire video. So here you go!

I Just Lost a Ton of Respect for Johnny Depp

Seriously? Defending a child rapist? Who cares if he's not raping now? He drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl in the 70's and that sort…
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My name is Wendy Weissman. I am a voracious writer who will yack about her opinions to anyone willing to listen/read. Former Catholic schoolgirl. No fan of organized religion. Reads a lot. Words are loud, voice is loud, doesn't speak much. Love it when I manage to make my dad and sister laugh. I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I am an American. Compulsive arguer. Do not relate to people my age but very well with people who are older or younger. I prefer to read speeches rather than listen to/watch them so as not to be swayed by charisma and actually know what the fuck is being said. Buzznet addict.


Don't mess with me, my sister is a future lawyer AND in the army. So she can kick your ass and then sue you. You get the idea.

Total sap for any female musician who wears amazing clothes.


writing like a writing machine, reading. knitting. dancing. watching movies. listening to music. watching stand up comedy. Obsessing over things. Current obsession(s): Stevie Nicks, arcade fire, the current presidential race, lewis black's new show, blogging, the buzz brigade group. planning the music history school with john, enjoying spring break

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Ramones, The sex pistols, apples in stereo, my chemical romance, dead kennedys, fleetwood mac, stevie nicks, stooges (iggy and the stooges NOT the 3 stooges), DAVID BOWIE, Arcade Fire, Placebo, Muse, The Bastard Fairies, The Academy is...., Nine Inch Nails, The Clash, Alice Cooper, John Lennon, the pixies, the new york dolls, the replacements, smashing pumpkins, the beatles(duh), nirvana(but I do not want to talk about kurt cobain), foo fighters, hole, BLONDIE, Souixsie and the banshees, the slits, fall out boy, green day(too an extent...... on their old records), velvet underground, lou reed, iggy pop, bikini kill, PiL, Arctic Monkeys, Kanye West, Showtunes by Cole Porter, kaiser chiefs, .....

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The Exorcist, The Omen, Labyrinth, Wedding Crashers, any Monty Python, it's a wonderful life, A&E's pride and predjudice, bridget jones's diary, love the hard way, zoolander, exorcism of emily rose, orig amityville, interview w/ the vampire, bram stroker's dracula, adams family values, nightmare on elm street 3, halloween, rocky horror, Drop Dead Gorgeous, anything with gene kelley or fred astaire, If..., .......

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Comedy Central Presents, Numb3rs, Premium Blend, South Park, HBO comedy specials, conan, sex and the city, House M.D, Whose Line is it anyway?, Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Lewis Black's Root of all Evil.......

Favorite Books:

All vamp chronicles, all georgia nicolson, bridget jones, Elizabeth the struggle for the throne, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, the count of monte cristo, the birth of venus, rotten no blacks no irish no dogs, Naked Lunch, The Book of Eleanor, the red tent, Princess, The Prince, Utopia, Most stuff by George Orwell, When Will Jesus Bring in the Pork Chops?